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I love starting my mornings right. First of all - I'm a night owl, bird, child of the night or whatever you like, so I'm so not a morning person! So I need my time to wake up, time to realize what time is it, to think about my schedule for the day, check out my morning text messages and quickly Instagram, Twitter and Facebook of course and then we finally come to the part when you can walk into my room and say "good morning" to me. You can say it before I do all that, but there's not a lot of chances you'll get anything else from me than some murmurings. Except if you're a guy and I really like you haha. 

Lately even through I'm really not a morning person I like to wake up early and consequently also start my day earlier. It's so nice waking up to a sunny day! I like to open my window and let the sun in so I can feel it on my skin while I'm still in bed. Hearing all those city noises like people chit-chatting outside, buses, birds tweeting somewhere in the roof, smell of fresh coffee from the bar under my apartment and ambulances passing by is just another motivation to jump out of bed and start my day with some extra positivity. If you're thinking that now comes the part when I dress up and go doing whatever I have to do for that day - slow the horses cowboy, because I'm not there yet. After I jump out of the bed it is probably my favourite part of the day. Taking a cold Red Bull from the fridge, putting music up, sit in my silk robe in front of my computer and check out all of my e-mails and answer them, check out my favourite fashion blog so I get my daily dose of inspiration for the day, check out my favourite Tumblr and reblog a few cool things, news on Vogue and for the finish Facebook again. You wouldn't believe me, but I can wake up even two hours before I should, just so I can have time to do my little routine. 

Today I woke up even earlier than usually and it's not even the afternoon and the day has already brought some exciting news. That's the way, ahaaaa ahaaaaaa, I like it!! My summer plans finally getting together. If nothing else (in my case, that's just expression to make me feel better) I'm going again from 1-10 of July back to Côte d'Azur (Nice, St. Tropez, Cannes) or Spanish cost (I cheer up for that, because I've been already few times at Côte d'Azure), where I'm going to learn surfing hopefully. And then I come back and the next day going with my favourite guys to the Punk Rock Holiday. Hello punk-rock music, camping, good company, wild nights, adventures! I seriously can't wait for that. Oh maaan, you gotta love summer! Right? Well, guys..now it's seriously time to move away from the computer and start doing god damn something. I have a little decoration and drawing on my schedule today. Pretty, pretty things.

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