I was born bad


It's 1:58am and I was trying to sleep for awhile, but I was waking up every few minutes after I fell asleep...so now I'm here. Sitting in the dark - the only light is the bright light from my computer window, covered in warm blanket. Seems like I'm going again through one of those sleepless nights when I actually feel tired and somewhere deep in the back also sleepy, but I just can't sleep. Not only that I can't sleep - I feel  euphoric. Part of me could easily go out now, drinking and having adventures, but there also another part of me who has eyes just for bed right now. I keep saying that for a months now but maybe is really time to stop fighting with this freaking insomnia and stop drinking Red Bull for awhile. The problem is that Red Bull has been one of my favourite drinks since I was 15 I believe. And I drank 2-3 per day, just because of the taste! Oh, boy...I still remember when I got my first Red Bull. I've been in primary school (second grade) when my granpa took me out for a walk and secretly (well mom, now you finally know) bough me my very first Red Bull. And that's when the magic happened and when I fell in love with this chew gum alike taste.

I can't believe how cold can it be at the end of May. Oh, hey...wait! It's already June 1! And we have like 10 degrees? Weather, are you completely out of your mind? Just to remember you, this is the time of the year when it's already that hot that you walking around all thirsty in hope to find a shadow somewhere. I seriously think I'm getting sick because of the weather. For a couple of days it's 25 degrees and then the next day is almost like in the end of the winter. Right now I'm sitting covered in my warm winter blanket, and only a few days ago I was dressed like this and it was still too hot! Crazy shit! Well, I have at least my summer plans in my mind to make me feel a bit better. Gosh, there's just too many things I wish I could do or see. For this summer I really want to go somewhere and learn surfing. I wanted to learn surfing for a few years now but there was never really a chance for that. I'd also like to buy an old bus or even better - a van and replace seats with beds and road trip Spanish coast with good people. It's been almost 6 months since I got back from my short term living in London, so I have in my plans to go back, of course. That is become a little tradition in the last two years - go back to London every six months and stay at least two weeks. I was also talking with my friend about meditation and stuff and we decided to go in September to Vipassana meditation where you are basically not allowed to talk to anyone for 10 days and all you do is meditate all days. The course requires hard, serious work. But more about that in one of my next posts. And then I'd also like to go to Marrakesh, where I can explore and have adventures. How have you been, guys? Up to anything good? Any special plans for this summer? Or just big dreams?

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