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Damn, I just noticed my blog didn't even freaking exist for the last few days, because my domain name - Posh Vanilla simply expired! Man, how fast time passes by. Anyway, I have to renew it (read: pay it) tomorrow so in few days everything will be back to normal. Hopefully. 

I found a picture (actually pretty silly picture), which describe me perfectly those last few days. Weeks. Months. No, kidding...mostly just last few days. At the picture is a girl or a boy hiding in a hole and mom or whoever that was said "there're things you should be doing right now. You have RESPONSIBILITIES!" and then this girl or boy answers back just simply "nope". And then mom says "You're not five. This is not cute." and then the boy hides in the hole by saying just "go away". And that's pretty much how I look for the last week. There are just so many things I should be working on and everything is there waiting for me to start doing something, but I'm in this strange mood, when all I want to do is having fun. And by having fun I don't mean necessarily drinking or partying. But I sure as hell don't mean working or studying as well haha. Sometimes I watch people or my hard-working friends cancelling funny things, because they have something serious to do and I'm like "haha, you're funny. Oh're dead serious, right?"", because I'm more like free spirit. I do what I want and when I want. I never really force myself to do something if I don't want to do that in that particular moment. I don't like missing something. Life is too damn short for missing things, for real. That's why I was usually always studying from midnight on, because there would be a shame missing a beautiful day because of school.

Right now I'm really in a happy place. I have really cool people which I seriously love so much around me, it's summer time and we're spending days pretty much outside for the whole day. I met a French guy few days ago in the city. He was sitting alone and playing his guitar and singing, so me and my friend Jan invitied him to join us. Such a cool cool guy! Also a free spirit, taking a year off and just travelling around and enjoying life. He told us about this Rainbow Gathering thing on which I'm dying to go now as soon as possible. You have rainbow gatherings in many European cities, but I'd love to go to France. You're basically camping with cool people for few days and at night singing and playing guitar next to the big fire they made. Oh, perfect. Have you ever hear about that? If you did, I'd be happy to hear more information about that!

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