I want a ticket to anywhere


Wait, leave me alone. No, stop making me laugh please...I'm trying to be sad. 
It's sad when you realize there's nothing that keeps you in your town, actually. And it's even sadder knowing that there is a whole freaking world outside, waiting for you to explore it and learn from it. If you have money. Enough money. Now, guess what's extra sad-sad? Knowing that you don't even belong in your own town, because your heart aches for some other city. 

It's no secret that my heart aches for London. At least for those who're reading my blog. It's funny when people ask me "why London?", because I'm never really sure how to answer on that. Wait, don't judge! I'm not stupid...of course because of their lifestyle, culture, architecture, fashion, food, people and all those things, but there's something more when I'm there. It's almost like someone would ask you why do you love someone. You can always says because of this and that, but there's a main reason why you love that person that can not be explained. Every time I plan or should I say dream about going somewhere I have never been before I imagine I finish my trip in London. I think I'd feel guilty if I'd go somewhere else and not even stop in London for a day or two. But ssshhh guilt, go away for the moment. Lately I'm dreaming about Japan! I'd love to see Tokyo and take a bus there to Shibuya. Having a photoshooting there one day and work with all those super talented and creative people there would be really a dream. Ha, and not to mention all the cool stuff you can buy there. I would probably look like one of those crazy tourists who came back with an extra bag. And that's exactly how I came from New York. It was raining cold November rain and I was walking around with my "I love New York" umbrella, searching for a big suitcase. Ironic part here is that I didn't looking for a suitcase because I bought so many new clothes, but because I had to buy no matter what a BIG pinky dog named Penelope in FAO Schwarz store on 5th Avenue. I'm still crazy about the toys. But if I had a chance to go in Morocco I'd probably spend my whole money on hena tattoos and rugs and different materials.

There are just too many places I wish I could experience one day. And I hopefully will, step by step. But it's sad knowing that no matter how beautiful it is, you're living in a shitty country. Sometimes I wish I'd have wings so I could just simply fly away wherever I want and the best part...whenever I want to. Well, I don't have freaking wings, even through I drank a few Red Bulls per day in last few years. Are you guys just kidding me that if I drink this I get wings? But still...there are luckily still airplanes. Which you can also use whenever you want. As long as you have money. Damn you, money! Can someone just give a ticket to anywhere?

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