Exploring Sarajevo


I've been so busy with life here there I couldn't find time to post anything. But more about that in my next post. Right now I'm having so much fun. Haha, in fact so much fun that one of the nights I went out even police where looking for me all over the town, because they thought something happened to me. It was false alarm, but lifestyle and habits here are so much different than the one I used to. Here it is strange to see a girl walking alone after 11pm. No, I'm not joking. And of the best nights I had here my mobile phone battery ran out so they were calling me to make sure everything is ok with me and I didn't respond for hours so they started searching. I'm glad they take so much care of me, I really did and I appreciate it so much but that was kind of hilarious. Isn't it?

These pictures have been taken after L'Oreal Paris conference in Sarajevo that I've been invited to. I took some time and went around the town in hope to explore it a little bit. And I totally did. And I totally loved it! I just love exploring new places, lifestyles, habits, food. And not only that. I'm already thinking what is going to be my next destination. The only thing I did here that is pretty much the same as at home is that I've bought the new issue of British Vogue. When it comes to Vogue I'm a sucker for British Vogue - definitely the best. I would never guess that Vogue is cheaper in my town than here. Would you? I'm not missing much home except the people I love and home delivery of Indian food! Besides that I'm having a great time here. Meeting so cool people, having fun, eating way too much but mostly good, working - you can expect soon my very first website (thanks to Naš Grad). It was time! In few days I'm also staring to work on my new project with Red Cross and help poor people here. But more about that also soon, so stay tuned guys!

Tonight I had a girls night out for the first time since I came here. Gosh how I missed that! Just being around girls you like and get along, chatting with them about girl things, commenting outfits another girls wear and all that girly things made my night and staying here even more beautiful and perfect. Thanks so much Adna and Amina for a lovely night! 

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