L'Oreal Paris presents looks by Zana Marjanović


Breathtaking, isn't it? 
It's not a secret...well, actually I believe every true fashionista knows that L'Oreal Paris is the greatest and the most important beauty brand in the world! L'Oreal Paris has been present in the movie world for more than 15 years. And not only that. They have also been working with the biggest movie stars in the world and creating special looks for them. Can you imagine that you're that important that L'Oreal Paris creates a special look just for you? I can absolutely imagine them creating something for me, but they probably don't. Yet. It all started long, long...ok, too long ago. In 1907, Eugène Schueller, a young French chemist, developed a hair dye formula called Auréale. He formulated and manufactured his own products, which he then sold to Parisian hairdressers. And Paris is also where they still have the head office. L’Oréal got its start in the hair-color business as I said, but the company soon branched out into other cleansing and beauty products.

Last year they created 419 different make-up looks for more than 120 movie stars and special guests at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 9 days and 108 working hours. Schocking? This year, for the 19th Sarajevo Film Festival they chose Zana Marjanovič (beautiful lady on the pictures), Bosnian actress to represent their new looks, because of her elegant and youthful look. And I must say they made a right decision. She looks so stunning! My favourite look is definitely the last one. So me! But the second one is also..."oh so beautiful". But then again the first one is also so gorgeous, so natural. Damn, I've been looking at the pictures for more than half an hour to decide which one is my favourite and I thought I've picked one, but now I'm not sure, again. Every look is nothing but beautiful in its way. I don't know for you guys, but I'm definitely going to wear these looks. What do you think about them? Which one is your favourite and which one are you going to rock?

Let's say a few words about this look. I just love how natural it is! I know this look is meant more as a "business look" but you can wear it in many different situations. Not necessarily only for a job, school or something like that. I see myself wearing this look whenever I want to look more innocent and gentle. Or when you have one of those days when you don't feel like you could do something special for your make up...you simply put this look and it looks like you're not even trying to look fabulous that day, but you still look stunning. And natural! For me this look is going to be for one of those days!

Ohh, my! I've been a huge fan of smoky eye looks forever. And those who read my blog daily know that my favourite accessory is nothing else than a red lipstick! And here we have both! Smoky eye and red lipstick - yes please! From my point of view, sure it's a perfect red carpet look, but in the other hand it can be also a perfect everyday look if you're a bit daring and you like strong make up. It's also a perfect "night out" look, isn't it darlings? I can see myself rocking this look for a night out with my girls! You know when you have a girls night and you want to look "lady like" and wear a beautiful dress and even more beautiful make-up. Or for a date. Wait! I just got a vision! This look with black little dress...so Coco Chanel! New age Coco! 

And now my favourite one! C'mon guys...is this look so me or what? You've probably noticed that my make up is quite similar to this one. I'm not that much a "girly" kind of girl. Well, that sounded wrong. I mean, of course I am. I'm a sucker for dresses, shoes, make up, romantic movies, romantic guys and all that...but when it comes to style I'm never lady-like. I like to look more "badass" or "grunge" or "edgy" or however you call that. And this look is exactly all that. It may sound funny but I can really see myself wearing this look with my everyday style. Funny story...I've been thinking for a while to try and do something like this but then in the end I always abandoned the idea because I thought it's going to look weird and maybe way too much. But I was wrong and now I'm even more happy, that I can proudly wear this look. And for those who are not into the grunge fashion, they can also wear this look with many different outfits. You can have a completely girly outfit for example and add that little wild side with this make up. 

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