My world is an empty place


This old empty house you see in the pictures is just one of the many here that were burned during the war in Bosnia. While in my country - Slovenia, the war after the break-up of Yugoslavia lasted only ten days, situation here in Bosnia and Herzegovina was much more serious and difficult. The war here lasted almost four years. Many people were killed - and not only soldiers but also children, babies, old people, pregnant women, etc. People were hiding in the house, praying and hoping they are going to survive and get enough food to eat. They were getting some food from humanitarian aid but a lot of times husbands and grandfathers had to walk miles and miles away to buy basic things like meal. The consequences of war are still visible, after almost 20 years you can still see a lot of such houses and people in the streets who lost arm or leg back in that awful time.

Don't get me wrong, they live a normal and happy life now, but you can still see those kind of memories from that time. To me it's really interesting to see how we keep complaining about the things that are not even terrible, how people try to bring you down, how people peek in your personal life hoping to find some embarrassing information (btw, doing that is exactly the same as if you were interested how many times your neighbour goes to the toilet), while people here explain and tell stories about the war with a smile on their face and with humour. And not only that, they are supporting each other, they are seriously happy if they see you being happy, they try to help no matter how long they know you and mostly they are not making a big deal from their problems. They learned to see things in a positive light. I can't even describe how warm and welcome and loving they make you feel. And have this strange feeling like you can't get them enough love back. Like what you are doing is simply not enough. At least I feel that way. It's not enough just being there and being a friend with that person. I get way too much love and positive energy so I only wish there was something more I could do.

I know I'm a kind of too gentle person and see things maybe too emotionally but that's just the way I am. And since I came here I'm wishing I could help someone who needs help. Whatever that means. Spend some time and play with them, give them clothes, maybe money if you have enough or just buy something to eat. For me it is hard to watch so many dogs outside who are without home and completely skinny and...oh gosh, so hungry. I'm buying a freaking extra pizza slice so I can feed them. I know that's not good for them, but after all...better that than nothing, right? Wish I could give a home to at least one of them but I unfortunately can't. But I can help a little bit. And that's why I decided to start working with the Red Cross!

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