I'm barely hanging on


Woooot?! I like this city more and more! 
Well...it's impossible not to like it when you have such a cool guys around you like I have these days. Today I spend the whole day in a lovely company. We've spent our day in Goražde, a little town two hours of ride away from Sarajevo. Goražde is a city in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Drina river. It's located between Foča, Sokolac and Višegrad, and is administratively part of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lifestyle here is yes...so different than mine, but I still like it. They're so open that I can't even believe that people like that even exist. But at the same time they're very calm because of their religion. For example: they think I'm totally wild because of my nature and I'm not even that wild as they think. We went out tonight for a drink and had a business meeting at the same time and everyone was drinking coffee or Red bull expect me of course. I mean, in my town I don't even think you can get coffee after 10 pm so of course I had an apple cyder. Ok, two. One was because I really wanted it and the second one was because I couldn't believe they're not drinking...so I had another one haha. But even though I was the only one "drinking" I had a wonderful day and an awesome night. Thanks guys so much. 

Tomorrow I'm leaving again for Sarajevo. Sarajevo Film Festival stared today and I'm having a L'Oreal Paris conference tomorrow with the famous secret guest. Hmm...who could possibly be that? As you can see I also got a new hairstyle. What do you think? I wanted this hairstyle for a while so you can imagine how happy I am to finally have it. It's been a while since I went to bed so full of different but positive emotions, but now I'm going again. Nice feeling, I almost forgot how it feels.

I'm so sorry but I'm honestly so damn tired and I have to wake up in 4 hours and hit the road again so I'll post the rest of the pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned! Good night guys, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite, and if they do, then take your shoe and knock them ‘til they’re black and blue! Or dead.

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