Sarajevo, I'm in town!


Here I am, once again...I'm torn into pieces. No, just kidding about the last part, but I am really here. 
It's been the longest drive ever! I've been travelling for over 9 hours and since I was travelling with the car I hadn't sleep much. And even when I did fell asleep it's been the worst sleep. So I've been wide awake the whole night and the whole day...wait...I'm still awake. 

My first impression is that everyone is so damn nice here. I've been sitting on the side of the road, waiting for the car to pick me and people were keep coming and trying to have a conversation with me. I just love how's everyone open here. I haven't been around the town much today...but I did quickly stopped at famous "Baščaršija" and had the best "čevapi" in my life! I also spotted a few "a must go and buy something" stores, but unfortunately I couldn't find time for that now. No doubt that I will! I'm super thrilled about the Saturday! I was invited to the even more famous Sarajevo Film Festival (last year there was also Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - how my grandfather met them is another hilariously funny story). Thanks so much L'Oreal Paris for this opportunity, I can't wait to be a part of your conference and learn stuff I could only dream about that I will someday - I'll share everything with you, guys! I mean, your my wouldn't I?

I was trying to stay awake with this guy: Mr. Brown!

...and I arrived to the lovely and full of hustle and bustle Sarajevo!

Scene of Sarajevo Film Festival. They were getting everything done for the start of it tomorrow.

Not really sure about it, but I think this is where L'Oreal Paris conference is going to be. Sarajevo I right?

A little part of famous Baščaršija

One of the many cute, little stalls at Baščaršija

Best "čevapi" I had in my life at Baščaršija

Getting comfortable and organizing my precious (read: my clothes) in my room.

Since I've been travelling for over 9 hours with the car I decided to stay in tonight and spend the night doing this. And blogging, later.

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