L'Oreal Paris - Because you're worth it!


Today, no wait...it's already yesterday, was the D-Day! 
As I have already said, I was invited to the L'Oreal Paris conference in Sarajevo which was organised as a side event of the Sarajevo Film Festival. There're so many things about the event you guys need to now, but before I start I would like to thank first Lejla Brčaninović for inviting me over and L'Oreal Paris of course! I'm honestly so happy and mostly grateful that I had a chance to be part of that. Thanks so much for having me, the pleasure was all mine!

You're probably wondering what was all the fuss about...am I right? Have you guys ever heard about Zana Marjanović? She's a Bosnian actress best known for her role in "In the Land of Blood and Honey", which was Angelina Jolie's directorial debut. I didn't really know her (I know...shame on me!), but my first thought when I saw her was - "Omg, she's so beautiful". No joke! I lost my track now because of her beauty, but let me return... L'Oreal Paris presented the new trends that have been presented by Zana, as she's a personification for the brand because of her elegant and youthful look and artistic embodiment. Zana, Laurent Sorieul - director of L'Oreal Paris Adria, and Renata have presented us three beauty red carpet looks which you can also wear in every day life. And no, that's not all. Ladies from L'Oreal Paris also showed us how to do all that looks! But more about the looks in my next post!

I was really surprised about the whole event organization. To be honest, I didn't expect it to be so professional! They took care of absolutely everything. Everything! From the seats, goody bags, catering, champagne, press etc.  And everyone was really nice to me, but I've already told you guys how everyone is super nice and open here, so that's nothing new. So before I put those gorgeous beauty looks up I would first like to share pictures from the event with you. Take a peek lovelies, because you're worth it! 

15 minutes before the start. 

First world problem: what to choose?!

Posing as me.

L'Oreal Paris lip-glosses. Wish I could have them all.

Lovely Zana Marjanović.

People who were lucky enough (like me) to be there after the presentation.

Doing what I do the best - being awkward.

Since I couldn't decided which cupcake to choose I decided for those. You know that hungry me is not a happy me... right?

From right to left: Laurent, Zana and Renata. Lovely team, aren't they?

Conference in progress.

How I wish, how I wish you were mine.

Me being me.

Have a little faith and if that doesn't help, have a lot of champagne!

This is where we were learning how to do the looks, which I'll tell you more about soon.

Let's finish this post with something beautiful. One more picture of gorgeous Zana.

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