Packing for Sarajevo


It's 1:24am right now and I have pretty much packed everything for my trip to Sarajevo.
I managed to catch up with my friends so I could see them before I go and say goodbye to them. Damn, how I wish I could be with them right now at Trnfest festival, drinking and having fun. But heeeey there, at least I had the very last Trnfrks (if you don't know what's that you can check out on my fb page) - I'm a sucker for fast food. If I'm unhappy you just have to buy me a slice of pizza or something like that and I'll be the happiest person on earth again. 

So, I have packed everything (I hope so), put the music on my Ipod, seen my friends and now it's time to go! Bwaah, I'm super excited about this trip! 

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