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Let's talk about this cool brand named Black Milk Clothing. I've been obsessed with these clothes for quite a long time. Not only because clothes and shoes are absolutely...wait, let me find a word to describe it. Fuckingawsomecoolbadassedgy! But also because of the way mister James Lillis made it into this crazy, full of everything fashion world. Reading his short story on the website (I have really grabbed a cup of coffee and later a bag of chips, thank you for suggestion) how he started by not even having a sewing machine, since he couldn't afford one, so he had to sell his CD player to the local pawnshop, having no idea latter how to sew (just like me right now), not being able to afford any fabric but $2 per meter nylon lining as he only had $6, later not getting any shop to sell his first things (actually the reason why they are still selling things on-line), trying to sell things on the hot Australian sun, even though no one would buy it, gave me some hope, that maybe even I could make it with my own line, someday, soon in the future. I just love people that I can identify with. And I love the way he's telling his story. You can feel how tough, hard it was, but he's still explaining  the story with humour.

If I go back to the clothes: I like it when I fall in love at the first sign with some designer. Ok, that sounds wrong. You all know I mean, with their clothes, right? You just see something and you immediately see all the different ways you can wear those stunning pieces. And that's what happened here. Chemistry. Now I just have to buy something one day, hopefully soon. Oh, money...why don't you like me so much? Anyway, I chose just "a few" things I like the most from the website. Check it out and let me know what do you think? I'd seriously love to know that from time to time, guys. 

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