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What a lot of you still don't know is that I have been working really hard last year...not for one, but for a  few different websites, fashion shows, fashion events, photoshootings, etc. And I had so much fun doing all that. Sometimes, I'm scared that all of that will go away, because this job in more than a dream job. It's not even a JOB actually, you're just doing something you like. And I'm definitely doing something that I like. People usually tell me jokingly that I'm gonna be lonely or alone if I stay one night at home and not going out or something. Let me tell you know this, as long as I have fashion, my favourite blogs, websites and opportunity to browse on internet for new things in fashion...I will never be alone or lonely. I live and breath for what I'm doing& want to do when time comes for that. It's weird how if you're doing something with passion and not just because you have to makes you so damn happy. Isn't it? Anyway I decided to put all of my work up, because I want to have all of my references up on the blog. 

There're still so many things to post here (work), but let me start first with something I did the longest. I was the first girl who started working for a website known as "TočnoTo Teens" as a "Fashion Girl". Twice a week I have been writing different articles about fashion.What I'm especially proud of is that I've found and developed my own writing style and found a way to make every post interesting for my back then "teen dolls". It may seem like whatever, but for me it was a bit, well not really hard, but much different to write about fashion and have in my mind that I'm writing for 12-18 years old dolls. But once I found my way it was perfect. We got some special bond with the girls, they were always able to write me an email and ask anything they want  (mostly they were just praising me and asking for advice), and I was always nothing but happy to write them back. So when I said I've developed my own writing style I first meant of course the way in I was writing, and second topics! I was commenting different outfits (actually that was the only part they were asking me to do), searching for some outfit inspiration, searching for some inspirational "back to school" outfits, how to take care of your skin, nails ideas, new shoes designer that I like, I tried also different hairstyles (dip-dye hair), give away my "Prom" dress, make a few different giveaways, writing about new clothings and much more. Since my teen dolls are still sending me emails with question why did I stop writing and if I can come back I decided to answer. Unfortunately I stopped working for them about two weeks ago, mostly because I could find no time any more to sit and write something. There's so much going on in my life right now, that there is no time for that any more. I'll always be grateful for the opportunity I got a year and a half ago, but I feel like I've grown out of that part in my life and it's time to move on. And mostly I want to be known by my blog, so it's really time to give my full attention to my biggest love: my blog! But I had so much fun with you dolls, we get super along together, enjoyed pretty much the same taste in style and I'll never forget that part of my life. Thank you for being always there, reading me, support me, giving me nothing but good feedback and making my ego bigger, haha.

I've made just a quick sneak peek into some of my posts I like the most. They're not whole articles, just some interesting parts.

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