Fashion backstage with Slovenian designers at Nama


Another perfect day surrounded with fashion Today we had a little sneak peek in fashion backstage, you know how things usually go. From dressing up, make up until photoshooting and qiuck cat walk. The point were still clothes, the only difference is that this time there was no real runway. Like I said, you had a little sneak peek in everything. And I absolutely loved it! It was something new, something unusual and we need that. I'm sorry guys, but Slovenia is all about things and people we already know (just a quick example : at Viktorji (Slovenian "Oscars"), the same people are nominated, awarded, invited... and not just for a few years, but over 15 years, c'moon! How stupid is that, seriously?), that's why we need something fresh. New. And that's why I enjoyed this event, pretty much. We have seen five Slovenian designers, this time : Draž pletenine, JSP, Maja Štamol, Nataša Hrupič and Nives Design. Talking about all this talented ladies and their clothes, I have to admit something:  I'm dying over JSP clothes. Every single piece is nothing but breathtaking and a big I-want-that-in-my-closet! Well, unfortunately it's maybe a bit too expensive for me, but who knows. I bet I'll have at least one piece in my closet someday. It's like heaven on earth, no kidding!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera battery at home so I had no choice but to take pictures with my super phone. And, yes...if you're wondering, I took my camera, but forgot my battery - so me! Well, there was at least my favourite Mimosa's so I haven't worried for too long about that. With every glass a bit less, if I'm completely honest, here. Anyway I'll post some real pictures when I get some pictures from photographers, but until than...what you see is what you get, haha. Take a peek and let me know what do you think about this whole event? Or even better about today's represented Slovenian designer? Who's your favourite and mostly...why?

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