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Still remember photoshooting for Agencija 22 I was talking about a week ago? I got some behind the scene pictures a few days ago, but I just really couldn't find any time to write something, or just post the pictures I'm doing that now! And I'm really sorry I'm that late, dolls. Now, let me finally tell you more about the whole thing.

Agencija 22 was created with the aim to become the lead agency in providing hostesses. I know, now you're probably thinking something like "anyone can work as a hostess", right? Well,'s the trick! And I totally agree with you if you're thinking like that. It's actually true. Anyone can stand there and smile and be nice. BUT it takes a real girl to have a correct attitude, be nice, professional, look good, be elegant and have a feeling for working with people. And Agencija 22 had all that and much more. They also have some hostesses and models with years of experience in that business. And I knew all that before I had a chance to met them, but when I was there I was really surprised about some girls. For example. There was a girl namesd Tamara (girl on the left at the first picture...seems like she wants to say something) and she was absolutely AMAZING!  I'm not sure I've ever seen someone so photogenic. Seriously. She was the girl photographer and her assistant needed to catch all the time, because she knew so well what she was doing. Any pose she has made was more than perfect, in fact that good that we were just laughing, because we were that amazed by her. And she was done in 15 minutes, no lies. And not just with a few good shots, almost every picture was a good shot with her!

As I already said we had just one problem. Clothes! I should be, well, it was an Africa inspired photoshooting, but the problem here was that I couldn't get any clothes this time. The agency in not well known (as well as I am not yet, too), so it's not working the way I thought it would work, you know, just call H&M or someone else and ask if you could borrow some clothes for a photoshooting. NOPE! H&M said they have contract with only a few people (national television?), then I tried my luck with New Yorker, because they have some pretty cool stuff this season and I didn't even get the answer. I guess, some people rather do not answer than decline you. That's stupid! I wouldn't mind if someone said no to me. It's way better than not getting an answer at all. Am I really so "whoever"? So if I go back to the story (when I'm explaining something I always loose my track, haha), I couldn't get any clothes, so I had to improvise something from my own! And I'm not really happy with the final outfits, but it could be much worse, right? But what really counts here is that after all we've spent a great day together at the seaside, had so much fun together, got some pretty cool shots after all and FINISHED our job after all ups and down we had! Thanks to everyone for making me a part of that new experience! It was my pleasure!

Behind the scene pictures were all taken by Antonio Per, I just add a different filter. You guys are more than welcome to show some love and like his fb page.

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