Blame it on the rain


There's nothing better than foolin' around in the rain  (ok, it's probably a bit better in the summer). And even better foolin' around right after it stops raining. You can't see any rain anymore ( not that I'm complaining haha) but you can still smell it in the air. There's something about that, let me tell you. Just don't ask me what because I haven't figure out that, yet.

Usually when it's raining people become a bit more lazy. Maybe even sleepy. But not me. Ok, no lies, of course I have also rainy days when there's nothing in the world I would rather do than just watch some good, if it's possible funny movie, cuddle a little bit with someone special, eat A LOT - mostly sweets (Milka with Oreo sounds more that good lately) and do nothing. In fact, sometimes I even compare myself to a zombie, because I'm moving so slowly and awkwardly...usually just to the fridge and back. So yes, I know how it's feels like to have absolutely no energy on a rainy day. But most of the time, like I said there's something weird (or is it just me?) in the air, that makes me want to do something silly and stupid and just hang out with someone. So today I got this crazy, but DAMN good idea! Are you ready? You sure?  I'm gonna find some place...wait for it...a garage...and have my own place to hang out with my closest friends. I don't need much. Just some couch and PRETTY PLEASE wi-fi and I'm good! Don't get me wrong. It's not that I want to live there (hell no!), I just need some place where I can go on days like this and being alone with my friends and do some silly things! I mean, how cool would it be if we could hang out in some random garage for a while, watch movies there, drinking, playing guitar without no one complaining it's too loud or too late, listening music whenever and however you want, etc. I feel like I just got enlightenment. What do you guys think? Crazy or crazy good, idea?  Whatever it is...blame it on the rain!

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