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First, let me thank photographer Aleš Romaniuk, who's always nothing but nice to me, for letting me use his pictures for my post. I just used another filter, like usually. Thank you, I owe you a beer!
I know it has been a week since Bon Voyage fashion show, which happened in my favourite place... Metelkova! The fashion show was actually in probably our best youth hostel on Metelkova, Celica. Before I start writing my thoughts down about the whole event, I would first really like to thank for inviting me over. It was such a pleasure being there and seeing all those new, nothing but super-talented young Slovenian designers! So, thank you so much for having me there!

On March 13 we could see 13 young designers who are trying to make their way into fashion industry and become great one day. No doubt, some of them definitely will! We were able to see Ema Salčinovič (Lessema), who represented her with the collection "Lillian". One minute we were sitting there and waiting for a fashion show to start and then suddenly we were somewhere else. Somewhere where there's already summer and the air is full of fragrant lilac. She took us back to 50's where everything was about emphasizing curves, soft materials, narrow bands, handmade bags, wooden jewellery and much more. Just a few seconds after flashing lights from camera have taken a little break, another sensation stepped on the runway. Iva Katalenič! OMG! She's definitely my favourite! I was probably looking at her collection with my mouth open and I admit...I was drooling all over her skirts! She took us back to Rockabilly time, but with a touch of modern. Printed skirts, high waists, black and white T-shirts with her own prints and we can't forget to mention rivets which never died in Rockabilly collections. I also had a chance to meet this lovely lady on Voom models' photoshooting, and let me tell you...she's so super sweet and cute. And this lady has absolutely gorgeous style! She's one of those people who get under your skin if you want it or not.
After her show I haven't had any time to get back to reality because there were already... not one, but two lovely ladies named Ema Bavcon and Saša Nemec who have joined forces and made together Mary Q collection. The creations dominated flatness, geometry, patterns and combining light and rigid materials. Since I'm also working on my first collection (it's gonna take some time) and I know how hard it is to come up with something or just start with your inspiration book, I'm sometimes so fascinated about some designers and their work. Karmen Koren for example was one of those girls who make you think something like "how the hell can she do something like this?". What's special about her collection Swing is that it's made of processed old clothing and fabrics in which we feel interesting stories that give them special charm. And they are environmentally friendly, too. Yes, she makes something new from something old, but you would never tell that something new is actually old. Another collection "Girls just wanna have fun" which arose from the hands of Tina Starc inspired by 80's. Years full of exuberance, dance, street style, pop music. What's especially interesting about this collection is that jewellery added to the laces makes the collection special,  unique and trendy. 

Now you're probably thinking we have seen everything possible on runway, but you're wrong! There was much more, and it's not the end, yet. The next lady who's trying to make her way into fashion industry is Eva Jančar Kalan (Evita), who was inspired for her Sexy MF collection by music and personal style of  musician Prince. Why? Simply because he's seductive, sex-appealing, slightly provocative and at the same time he  is honoring women. The complete opposite of Eva was another young designer Nika Torkar (Nikato Couture) with her collection "Ready-to-wear" which was full of short dresses and sweaters knitted in warm tones of red, beige and brown. Because I absolutely love and admire broad patterns I really enjoyed her collection. Almost the last were again not one, not even two, but three ladies Nataša Belcijan Natalie, Barbara K. Germ, Damjana Rožič who created collection Black & White Futuro. Leather products with lace accessories and glass emphasize sensuality, fragility and vulnerability of the female soul, its eternity is further expressed by handbags, in the form of a circle, which symbolizes continuity and immortality. And now (drums please) the last one and for the most of people the best one - Glow! Two designers, Elizabeta Lihovič and Nejc Švarc let us have a peek into their new collection which inspired conflicts of nature gentle and rough, soft and hard, light and dark.

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