Spoiling myself


After almost 3 weeks the time came to say goodbye to beautiful Sarajevo and Goražde! Honestly, I didn't expect me to be so freaking sad that I had to leave or even worse cry just a little. But I did. The thing is: I met really amazing people there, learned a lot about myself and also found myself again, learned to enjoy the life, done things I never done before here in my home town, etc. And now I'm back to reality. But I would be a little liar if I'd say I'm not happy that I came back. It's normal to miss the place or people you had a nice time with. And for me and my personality that's even more natural. Usually when I go back after two weeks or a month from London I cry every single time like a baby on the bus to the airport. So that's nothing new. But one thing here is for sure: I'm going back in few months! So guys, you better miss me. 

I came back on Monday around 3 am and slept for a few hours before I had a coffee with my friends in the morning. In the afternoon I needed some rest and time for myself, especially because serious work is starting from today. So I took away some sushi with cheese and avocado (I eat mostly chicken, fish and seashell), watched "Now you see me" - btw that's definitely one of the best mind fuck movies I've ever seen. And then later tried a few facial and hair masks. I'm still testing them but yesterday I tried first "Montagne Jeunesse" facial mask and then later "Montagne Jeunesse glacial clay" facial mask.  This one I highly recommend. It's definitely my favourite! It gives your skin the ride of it's life while glacial clay cleanse your pores to the core. Anti-oxidant rich Red Grape and Artic Cloudberry juices from the glacial heights of Scandinavia work their magic to help maintain skin's natural barrier. I also tried a new hair mask which is also my "a must use" from now on. It's called "Guhl mask with almond oil". After the mask I put something I've bought in Bosnia now. It's from "Semi Di Lino diamante alfapart". I tried illuminating shine lotion and I can already tell it's so damn good. My hair just feels so soft and healthy.

Now it's time to shoot my new outfit look. Take care, guys.

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