Flowers are the earth laughing


I've been doing quite well, today! I've been up for more than 24 hours and I still don't feel that sleepy or tired, which is kind of weird. I should definitely feel at least sleepy a little bit if nothing else, right? After the morning hanging with my friend Ana I almost fell asleep while I was waiting for my lunch, but luckily lunch arrived a few seconds before. And I got a few more coffees later so it was all good in the end and I was pretty much normal when I went shooting this outfit post. Sometimes I have to admit I don't really understand myself. During the day I usually feel a little bit tired and I can't wait to go to bed, but then when the night comes story completely changes! During the night I always feel like I'm on speed or something and I get so many ideas of what I could do. From downloading the movies and songs and listening to them all while writing a diary or just watching an entire season of something or maybe decorating my room. Last night I was so bored when I couldn't sleep that I even started to clean my freaking room for 10 minutes at 5 am! 

I must have flowers...always and always! I'm not going to mention how's the most romantic thing ever if guy brings you flowers or roses! Oh wait...I just did mention. It's even better knowing that he "stole" them from someone's garden for you! If I could I would have blue roses everywhere! They're my favourite! They are kind of "dark", wild and mysterious but at the same time so beautiful and gentle. I remember when I was a little girl and my father often used to bring my mom blue roses and I was so impressed by them that they are still my favourite. But I never really buy them myself. I do buy flowers (I love buying flowers -  makes my day every time!) for my room decoration but I would feel super weird If I bought a blue rose to myself. Florist would probably think "poor girl!", wouldn't he? I've started my obsession with the flowers when I read somewhere that flowers are the Earth laughing. I don't know. Do you believe in that?

But I do know that it's time for me to take a hot bath, relax a little bit, watch a movie maybe and go to bed finally! Tomorrow is my first day of working for a Topshop so I have to get up early again. And I'm really not a morning person. I love early mornings, I just don't like to wake up early. 

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