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I was recently going through my nanna's (grandma) closet when I noticed a lovely skirt in blue. I liked it so much that I asked my grandma if I can borrow her skirt for my night out. It turns out she liked my outfit so much that she asked me to keep the shirt, so I can remember her everytime I see or wear it. My grandma is the coolest, so no...that not all, dears. She also gave me this shirt you see me wearing in this post., because she doesn't like it anymore. We have an expression that we use when we see someone wearing something really odd or old-fashioned. It goes something like: "Are you wearing your grandma's clothes?". 
Huuuh, I'm saved! You can't say that to me, now. My grandma is a damn gangsta! Thanks, grandma!

Now, while I'm writing this it is already 3:25 am.Wait, what...that must be wrong?! Damn, no it's not. My phone said the same. Well, actually it makes sense. I came back home around 2:20 am. I was hanging with my friends and the situation turned out that I had to go home alone. And I had the scariest turn back, ever! Ok, half of it. I probably don't need to mention that I got completely lost (I told you guys my orientation is very bad sometimes and I get lost...very, very often). I had to go a little bit through the park somewhere at Dolgi Most (a part of Ljubljana, away from the centre of course), which by the way has only two working street lights, so it was dark as hell. Luckily I have on my phone "flash light" application, but I still thought at one point something bad is about to happen to me. Or with another words, directly: I was scared as fuck! I've been so scared and paranoid that I started thinking about all the things I don't do but I should and how I am going to do them if I survive. Not too long after that I overwhelmed by that silly idea and started running like someone is chasing me and I'm going to die (maybe I was!!). Thanks God the park was not big so the first part of the nightmare was ended quite soon. The next scary part was when I had to walk at the main road. Yes, I was the only person on the street who's stupid enough to walk alone there. I have a really big imagination so when I'm put in a situation like that I start imaging impossible things that can happen and see the sceneries from every possible horror movie I've seen.  But I have to admit I'm so surprised that our town seems so safe. Oh, Ljubljana...I simply love you! But I don't love the fact that our guys don't take you home so you have to walk alone late at night. We need gentlemen!  

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