I saw something I couldn't over look. You.


What's up, guys? With me not so much. Right now it's raining so much that it's not even romantic anymore. Well, it is if you can spend your day with someone you like (if you like someone), eat candies and pizza and cuddle a little bit, but in my case - naah. How I see the situation right now is that there is just too much damn rain outside, that I was completely wet and that I'm trying to get warm in my blanket while I'm writing this.

But heey! I got some sleep, finally! Last few days...actually it was just a weekend, I haven't slept much. Or should I say almost nothing? Don't get me wrong, I'm not sorry at all - I really had quite beautiful weekend, but the problem is that I fell asleep yesterday almost every single time I sat somewhere cosy for a few minutes. Can you imagine? I think it was really hard having a conversation with me yesterday. I was trying so hard to listen and say something smart but for the whole day my mind was somewhere else and my eyes were closing and in the next minute I was already asleep. So I was basically sleeping while I was talking on the phone, while I was watching a movie and when I got home and I wanted to sit down just for a few minutes before I'd go out again. And the last time I fell asleep (while I was watching a movie) I've slept almost for the whole night and then suddenly woke up around 4-5 am. Weirdo.  People that don't know me probably thought I must be drunk haha. 

Ok, let me share with you my silly thoughts about a silly thing that I usually don't really like to talk about. Love. When it comes to love there's no better words to explain how I feel about it than with Bukowski words: "Find what you love and let it kill you". No, thanks...I'll skip. I usually try to stay away from emotions. Even if I really, really like someone I like to stay near but yet so far. You know what I mean? I can't really stand watching people I like going out of my life. Can you? But no matter how hard you try you never know when you're going to meet someone. Isn't it interesting how we meet someone when we least expect? When you totally don't see that coming? Or is it just me? In that moment stealing his heart and he stealing your heart becomes a perfect crime. Perfect complicated crime. But no matter how perfect it may be I'm always looking for a stupid excuses until that person doesn't let me know what he thinks or feels. I am a girl, I never do the first step! Yes, I know it's 21st century but fuck that. Am old fashioned when it comes to love haha. I like seeing a guy doing something nice for me, I love letters - I really think it's a shame we never write letters, I love late night talking while the rest of the word is sleeping, I love climbing on a roof and watching stars with that person, drinking or doing whatever crosses my mind. Haha, actually I like all those cute things about love that you can find on Tumblr. And no matter how I try sometimes to stay away from those things, every once in a while something or someone comes whom you just can't overlook. Oh, man...talking about love made me hungry. I need food! No, I deserve an ice-cream for all that talk! 

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