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Guys from Bosnia have just sent me my interview for their very known Goražde Online web site. It's something like 24ur here in our country. Thanks guys so much for sending me this and thanks so much to Goražde Online for taking their time and doing an interview with me. It really means a lot to me! It was such a pleasure for me. I've read this so many times since I've got it that I don't even count any more I still can't believe it's talking about me haha. Thanks for all the kind words about me!

In this last year I have already given quite a few interviews and press statements so that's not really something new for me. I don't mean that in a cocky way, I swear. It's just still so fascinating that  every time I get a copy of my interview it's like the first time. There're no words that can describe what I feel inside at that moment. Such happiness, pleasant and overwhelming feeling. Do you think it's always like that or you just get used of that feeling after some time? Because I really wish this feeling can stay. I wish I could have such moments for life!

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