Last Friday night


I've already told you guys that I spent my Friday night out at one of my favourite places in town - Metelkova. I'm not really "club going" kind of girl. Well, no. I am actually but if something good is going on there (for example: dubstep) and it's a bit more underground atmosphere. It's not really a shock that I like more grunge places, right?

Last Friday night we were on Metelkova, of course. One of the main reasons why I like that place so much is definitely because you can simply hang with everyone. You come with your company but then during the night you always see so much friends there so in the end we always end up somehow all together. And even if you don't know many people from there you're going to meet them. That's for sure. And you can simply bring you drink, sit on the floor wherever you like, put your music on and have a good time. Later if you're in the mood you can also go somewhere inside and dance the night off in you want.

This time I had come with my peeps like always and then I found my friend Jernej (the guy in the red T-shirt) few meters away from us celebrating his birthday. The best part is that everyone knows everyone there, so we were hanging together, taking shots and act silly. Sadly I have just a few pictures from the beginning of the night because after midnight sneaky tequila came after me so one of my good friends Jacob took my photo camera with him home because that seemed like the safest thing to do. I'm really so happy and grateful to have such nice friends who take care of me.  Anyway take a sneak peek into our night out and let me know how was your last Friday night? 

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