DIY - Skull cut out of T-shirt


Hello lovelies. I know a lot of bloggers already did DIY - skull cut out of T-shirt but I couldn't help myself's another one. I just love this T-shirt. It's funny to wear but at the same time it looks edgy - and that's what you all know by now is something that I like. Edgy! 

I wanted to have this T-shirt ever since summer but I never thought that I could actually make it by myself instead of waiting to see it somewhere and buy it. So me. But then a few days ago I was on Tumblr and I saw a picture of almost the same t-shirt and there were few comments under the picture so  basically the girl said that she made it by herself and that was the moment when I though to myself "how can you be so stupid, why are you waiting for this T-shirt if you could also make it by yourself?!?!? And I did. What a story, ha? 
Anyway I hope you all have  a nice and mostly relaxing weekend. Take a peek into my new DIY post and I hope you like it? 


1.Start by drawing a skull on your T-shirt.
 I started with eyes, but you can start whereever you want.

When you finish drawing a T-shirt should look something like this. 
Well, probably a bit better, because I'm a terrible drawer. Usually when I draw and we  play Activity no ones know what the thing I have drawn should be,  so I'm really not good but as long as you know what is the drawing ...we're good.
Thumbs up for me!

2. Take scissors and start to cut it. This part took me the most of the time. 
Be careful and patient. 

3. When you finish it should look something like this. 
It's seriously so easy and so quick to do. I hope you guys like it. 

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