Slipped away


Today I had one of the best mornings in a while. There's nothing better than start a morning with a big fragrant cup of coffee, take a walk through the sunny city ( it's actually weird seeing a sunshine after weeks and weeks of foggy and cloudy days), watching how city is waking up with you with every step you take - people were running to a job, kids to the school, garbage collectors were cleaning streets after another night, coffee shops where almost begging you to step in a afford another cup of coffee, sun was shining and I could swear there was something positive in the air -  have a morning hike and after big tasty lunch. It was perfect. It actually remembered me of my summer mornings. Sometimes I really wish I could turn back time and have some moments just for a second back. Just to feel the same as I was in that moment. To feel the pure happiness.

Just walking through the city today made me think about few things. Mostly about my childhood. I don't really know where that association with the city I came from but there were some smells that remembered me about my childhood and my grand parents. It's funny how we used to be with our grand parents all the time (I believe I've spent more time with them than with my parents back then) and then we grow up and just forget a little about them. At least me. And I feel so bad. Because they won't be around for a long time (I mean of course they will, but you know what I mean) and we should let them know how we feel, how much they mean to us. When it comes to my grandparents I know there's nothing making them happy more then seeing me. They were always a BIG part of my life. They were there when I was scared, when I was sad, when I was still exploring the world (well, we do that for our whole lives, don't we?), learning to make my first steps, saying my first words. They were always around. And now when I'm grown up and have my own things  to do I forget a lot of time just to call them and ask what are they doing, and how are I used to do it, while they never forget about me.  And I'm afraid sometimes that something may happened to them and they'll never really know how much they meant to me in my whole life. So at one point I realized what I should realize a long time ago. I should really take more time for my family and show then how much I love them. After all they're the only part of our life that is unconditionally always there for us. 

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