Weed stockings


These stockings were a love at first sight! It was one of those rainy days in London when it's not really raining (like it's raining when it's raining in Slovenia) , but you know...it was raining ( i bet you all know what I was trying to say now!). So anyway we were bored so we decided to go and grab a lunch somewhere in Camden (we were actually that bored that we didn't even take the tube to get there), but we first went by Camden's markets which I love so much so in one of those small little markets a saw a thousands of tights and stockings but only one pair has caught my eye. Dam dam dam daaaaam - these ones, of course!

 It was a few days before Christmas so they costed me almost £10, but I think now they would probably be cheaper. Especially if you try to haggle (that's "a must do" anyway). Now I understand why Amy Winehouse  moved to Camden and hung there in small local pubs all the time. One of my favorite London's parts is definitely Camden. Those small markets are not high fashion or not even H&M cheap street fashion. It's Camden fashion! But you can really get so many gorgeous things there. Speaking about Camden's stuff, I still feel really depressed that I couldn't buy one "Dope" T-shirt. And I was even try to haggle and beat the price but it was still £30 which was too much for me. Ohh I hate those moments when you wish you could have some particular piece of clothes and you can't ( thanks god for the chocolate, it's still depressing but everything is easier with the chocolate in your hands).

Well, haggle or not they were worth £10 because I absolutely love them. What do you think? They are probably a bit provocative for someone, but I don't really care. I'm not trying to send any kind of message with them, they're just so fun to wear! And the jumper, ohh God I swear I could have almost every single jumper from Primark! Their clothes reminds me a bit of my favorite Topshop from time to time, but they are hilariously cheap!

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