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There's no dream so beautiful as one in which you live your perfect life in your dream city with your dream job and...in your dream apartment or house...Am I right? 

As far as I am concerned I prefer to live in a condo rather than in a house. I'd love to have a house one day, but just not yet. Until at least my 30th birthday I'd love to live in a condo and have my dream apartment. I definitely like modern stuff, so my apartment has to be modern. So modern - YES, too fancy - NO! I love to look a pictures of fancy flats or houses and honestly I'm always amazed by them but the thing is...that's not me. My future apartment has to look messy. It has to be obvious when you step in for the first time what kind of life style I live and what I like. I seriously think apartment or a house it's the most private thing you could have (after living one month in a hostel I think that even more now, haha), so it reflects you if you want it or not. And I'm a messy person! I like to have a clean room of course (I don't think dirty when I say messy, my friends), but I hate  if everything is in the right place. I have to have a few clothes on the bed or chair. Open book on the page I've stopped reading on the table or bed. So my perfect apartment would be a mix of vintage/rock/modern apartment. And that has to be in white and black with maybe a touch of pink.

What's your dream apartment or house? I'd like to know that.
Here are some pictures in which I found an inspiration for decorating my current room so I really hope you find it too. I'm also filming soon a special post about my closet so stay tuned for more. 

I was trying to do a small research about how to decorate you room right and here's a few things I like to use to make my room a bit more cozy and comfortable:

At this moment I have 8 pillows on my bed and it's still not enough. I'm just crazy about pillows on the bed. And I love feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night and everything around you feels so soft. You feel like you are literary lost somewhere between soft pillows. Anyway adding a few extra pillows is a great way to make your bed an even more relaxing space. 

I'm not trying to say you have to spent a fortune on a bed cover but sadly the thing is the good ones cost a bit more. But I swear they're worth every penny. Top your bed with covers made for snuggling like a down comfort and I promise you won't be sorry. I also like to use a fluffy blanket under covers to get more cozy feeling.

What I mean by this is make it obvious it's your room! When you open the doors and step into your room it has to be obvious it's your space. You don't have to shop the whole Ikea now, just make a collage of  personal pictures and put them on the wall, fashion pictures that inspire you from magazines or internet. Whatever crosses your mind. Give a room a touch of...you.

For me this is usually the hardest part. You have to figure out before in what theme you want to have your room. So I usually like to ask myself here...who am I, what I like, how would I describe myself in few words and try to make my room look like that in the end. It's important to stick with your theme throughout the entire decorating process. 

What's better than a soft, fluffy carpet? They're usually quite expensive but if you look at the right place you can get some vintage ones for small price and they look even better than the new. 

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