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I have serious issues with my sleep lately. I was never really a morning person. And I have never since my primary school went to bed before at least midnight. That's like the middle of the day for me. I like to stay up late at night, drink my cup of tea, watching my favourite blogs, make - up tutorials, movies, looking over internet for my dose of inspiration, reading (my passion ever since primary school), drawing, listening music...and you know, doing my own things. So usually when I finish with my things I go to bed around 2 or maybe 3 am. But not in the last few days. For example today I haven't slept at all. Not even for 15 minutes. I just couldn't. Until 4 am in the morning I was trying really hard  not to think about anything, I just wanted to sleep. And I couldn't. So I was reading, watching Breakfast at Tiffany's and Devil Wears Prada, drinking coffee, playing with my dog, listening to music and trying to sleep in every possible way on my bed. I think I know why is that, why I can't sleep. Because I'm like Christian Gray, fifty shades of fucked up! So when I go to bed I'm thinking to much about my 50 fucked up problems. Or well, not really problems, things I don't like and want to change. So I decided to make one big change in my life. I was never a fun of gymnastic or running. But now I'm gonna hit gymnastic every morning until summer and run in the evening so if nothing else I'll be exhausted  in the night and probably sleep much easier. I'm also thinking about improving my nutrition because I eat way too much fast food and sweets. Not to mention that I'm almost not drinking water at all. So I think it's time to make some changes. Positive, of course. Cross your fingers for me. 

How was your weekend, guys? Anything interesting, fun...? I wish you all an amazing Monday and a lot of success. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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