I might be a little young but honey I ain't naive


I'm getting my life back on track, but images from last four weeks keep flashing before my eyes. But now I'm fine about being back at home. Well, at least I was fine until I got this huge opportunity to go back to London....and wait for it...LIVE THERE! Did you hear (read) what I just said? Me, average girl from small country somewhere in Central Europe to actually move to London? 
When they first invited me to come back, have a free accommodation and get paid for working there I believe I went through 4 different phases:
2.NO, Wait...is this really happening? I should ask one more time just to make sure.
3.O SHIT! What about my dog? What about the ones I love? 
What about my family? And oooh, my big closet?  

So here I am, again. Happy, very happy but at the moment mostly confused. A bit lost, but not scared. It's just, my whole life I wanted to live on my own, have my own space, have my own life style and mostly live in London. And now I can really do that. But it happened so unexpected and so fast. So fast. More than moving to the another country the fact that I'm leaving the life I knew until now behind, is scary. And starting the new one. Alone. Without my parents who were always there for me to help me in any kind of situation. One of the things I learned from one of mine role models : my mom were there's always solution to any kind of problem. She has taught me to be strong and never give up. So what now? What if I'm gonna need her to tell me that when I feel lost there and she won't be there. And my friends? And the love of my life? They're all staying here. But she has also taught  me not to be afraid to take a chance. I guess it's time to be a big girl now. I'm not scared to make such a big step. I just need to know I won't be sorry, that decision I made would be right for me. You know what I mean? And I have just one week to think about the whole thing, pack my whole life and go. It's scary a bit but then again at the same time, I'm talking about my dreams. And if they don't scare me a bit they're not big enough. So this is good. I probably just need to know that I can always come back. And I know that. I've never been in such a weird place before. As much as I'm happy to go and see my lovelies again, I'm sad not to have my family and loved ones beside me. 

I  got these cross tights and t-shirt in Primark back in London and this outfit is definitely one of my favourites so far I really wanted to share it with you guys. I already gave you a little sneak peek of this outfit in my Christmas as post, remember? Honestly I still can't believe in this Primark thing. So good but so cheap! Is that even possible?  . 

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