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Hey lovelies!
I decided to give you guys a sneak peek into my closet this time. First let me just say that I don't have one of those big closets, full of breath-taking clothes. Unfortunately. One day when I make it in this big world and own my house or even better a flat I'll have my dream closet ( like Carrie Bradshaw closet), hopefully, but until then I'm more than happy with my current one. 

My closet is actually pretty small but it's my favourite place in the whole house. I feel like when I'm there the time just stops. It's just me, my clothes and my shoes. When we first moved into the center of Ljubljana to our new house, well actually flat my parents should actually own my room and my closet but because they know how much I adore fashion and clothes they let me have the biggest room with the closet. Damn, my parents are even cooler than me! To be completely honest I can't imagine my life now without walk-in closet.  I'm still working on my closet so it's still not exactly like I want it to be but it will be until summer, hopefully. And them I'm showing you guys my new little project (my first pro video) where I'm gonna show you my closet again. I get in touch with one guy who make awesome short videos so from now on I will also posting videos which are my newest obsession! 

Now when you saw my closet, my clothes, my shoes get out of my closet!
(MTV style)

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