Double Trouble


I just realized that I haven't even once told you guys a few facts about me since I have a blog. I can be really  weird chick sometimes. So anyway here we go:  

First of all, and the most important fact about me...I HATE cleaning ( mom sorry, you're not taking my pocket money away from me know because of that, right?). I mean I'm not yet a dirty person but I'm sure as hell not a neat freak. If there're  few clothes on my bed waiting for me to put them back in the closet- I'm fiiiiiiine, they can be there until I need them or throw them to wash. I do like to have stowed room but I don't mind if it's a bit messy. It's even better, feels more homie hahah. I'm generally very nice person until you give me a reason not to be ( don't do that!). I have lazy days every once in a while but mostly I'm very hyper person. I seriously always want and need to do something. If I'm just sitting and watching TV or something like that I become unhappy and grumpy. I'm the happiest If I can do bad things. Not like bad to go to jail or destroying things. I'm too nice for that, but you know...something like steal a shopping cart and drive with them around in the middle of the night and possibly drinking in it ( don't judge me, I'm young and wild). I'm very outgoing. Well, now not so much if I'm completely honest because my body just can't take it any more after few months of drinking and partying almost every single night, but that's  fine. I'm always tired but never sleeping. I just can't go to bed before at least 2 am, but it usually takes even more, so I have a few issues with my bed in the mornings. I'm a strong believer of love, karma and fate. I truly believe that everything in life happens with some kind of reason. I'm always cold! It doesn't matter if it's in the middle of the summer or in the middle of the winter...I'd be cold anyway. Oh, yes - I'm hopelessly romantic. Gosh, I'm trying so hard not to be but somehow in the end I'm always crying at movies ( and by crying I mean almost pretending to be a fountain), when I see a guy walking through the city with flowers in his hands I'm in the second like "oooooh, hooow cute is that?". And yes, I really like love letters and movie kind of love so shoot me. Guilty.

I always feel lonely on my birthdays. I am extremely impatient, but know I'm learning step by step to have a little patience. I'm speaking Italian. Naaah, scratch that...I'm trying to. My favourite movie is definitely Breakfast at Tiffany's. I could watch it on repeat for days! My favourite actress is Kate Hudson! Just watching her all cute, positive and fun with the big smile on her face always gets me in a better mood. Gosh she's so hilarious! McDonald's is my biggest weakness. How can you say no to Chicken Legend, the best fries in the world and big cold coke? Not possible! I wanted to have my whole life a cute, fluffy dog but my parents didn't let me have it so I just bought a dog  for my 18th birthday which they adore today. I  don't like action movies. Shocking? Obsessed with Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Gifyo/Tumblr/Piterest, but who's not? One of my biggest wishes is to go one day to Africa and help starving kids. Just watching pictures of them make me want to go there and do something. And that's my big wish for the summer. Hallo Africa? 

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