Today I don't feel like doing anything


OMG, seriously! I have no idea what's happening to me today. I'm so laaaaaazy and completely without energy. I'm sitting in front of my computer for a few hours now and I'm doing...nothing. Watching my open window of Facebook. And then after 10 min, when I realize that I'm just watching at Facebook and not doing anything else, I make huge step and open Twitter and random page of Why Man Love Bitches and pretend that I'm reading. Ummm hellooo?? Like no one's even watching you, crazy. Maybe I'm starting to feel negative effects of caffeine. I drank 6 cups of coffees in last few hours and then two RedBulls ( my favourite drink of all the time btw), so now my heart sounds like a dubstep and I'm extremely lazy. I wanted to write my new - so not me thing - diary, but it was such an effort to take a pen from my "little office" and think about what to write that I just couldn't do it. You all know (well, now you know) how I like to write a new post or posting pictures on Instagram or Facebook.... especially making a new Gifyo but today I'm even too lazy for that. Damn you, coffee. 

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