Ladies,  gentlemen' my new hot Jeffrey Campbell like shoes from
They were super nice and let me choose one pair of shoes by my choice. At first when I got the mail...yeah, sure as hell I was excited, I mean we're talking about shoes here, but my very first though right after "omg, this so cool" was "no problem, how hard can it be to choose a pair of shoes?". Well, let me tell you this can be!

The choice is big. You can choose from flats, pumps, wedges, sandals, shoes with laces, etc. I honestly think there's something for everyone and every style. Well, after all here it's not that much about style, but about the combination. You can wear almost ( I said almost) anything, just in your way. I also give them a big plus for few things you can really find or spot rarely these days. First thing that surprised was quick, and when I said quick I mean really quick delivery. We were talking somewhere around noon about the shoes I want and the next morning they were here. So you just order the shoes you like and the next day the magic happens and you can already wear them. How cool is that? The next thing are definitely the good prices! Where can you find good and quality shoes without a lot of money to spend? Not really often somewhere. Usually it's like this: quality is pretty much bad ( you wear shoes few times and you can throw them away then) and they look cheap or they're expensive as hell and probably good quality...or maybe not. Here you find both - quality and good prices! Another thing I found out super fair to their buyers is that you can return the shoes in 44 days if you're not happy. C'moon, girl...what else do we want? like and care about their buyer ( keep it that way guys) and I like and care about my lovely followers. That much that I'm preparing next month a BBQ for you so we can meet and hang out a bit, but more about that in my next post. If I go back, we both care about you guys and since the prices and shoes are really cool and down to earth it'd be really shame if you couldn't choose you pair for the spring/summer, we made you a little surprise. You can order your pair of shoes and get 13% off  just by entering this POSH13 code while buying your own pair. Now, let me know if you decided for you own pair which one have you chosen? I'd love to know! 

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