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I spotted myself this time in Story magazine
It was actually so random! I was doing some grocery shopping when I decided to take a peek in Story. The cover of the magazine cut my attention as it was showing my two ex school mates, so I took the magazine to check it out and like I'd knew I automatically went to see the last part where they always cover interesting things from events and parties and there was ME! I was there, looking right back at ya guys in my Eric Matyash gown! Who ever choose me as one of the outfits that cut the attention - thank you so much! This really made my day today. And honestly, I'm super grateful! And not that I bough just one copy - I bough four copies, you know, just in case I lost one, or two. Or there's fire someday and everything burned so I'd have some chances to keep at least one. Anyway thanks for featuring me! What can I say, now I have to buy at least every now and then some issue. You never know - maybe I spot myself again?

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