Suuuuupp, guys? 
Do you want to hear something? I've spent a whole freaking day yesterday walking around with my gorgeous friend Maja in hope to find something to wear. We started our girls day / shopping day around 3pm and finished around 9pm and in all that time I managed to find only three different pieces. Which costed me a little fortune in the end. Why is everything so damn expensive these days, seriously? I remember the times when Zara was totally cheap shit...just like H&M ( btw I'm loving this spring/summer 2013 collection), but now they have prices almost like my still  favourite Topshop. But hey, guess what? I finally got Vans shoes and I'm still in 7th heaven! They've been on my wish list for a long time now and now I finally have them. Bwaaaa!!! I don't know what's going on with me again but I'm having a serious obsession over Vans clothing lately.

Beside shopping and those stuff we finally opened a season of hanging in the parks and streets again. I've been missing  this street life since the last summer and I'm completely satisfied now. What is better than having a day off and randomly hanging out somewhere in a street or in a park, in a good company, having at least one friend who luckily plays a guitar (I'm also working on that), drinking RedBull ( you all know by now that that is my favourite drink for the last 4 years, I believe) or Monster energy, eating yummy snacks, talking, singing and doing your things? You can hardly beat that! There's just one thing on my wish list that is keeping me away from perfection - long board! Gosh, I wish I could have one. How cool would that be? Do you guys skate or long board? 

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