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Here I am again with another announcement! I was such a lucky girl again (don't ask me how because I'm also trying to figure it out) I got in touch with two of my absolutely favourite Slovenian designers - Eric Maj Potočnik and Matjaž Plošinjak, known by their amazing fashion brand "Eric Matyash, previously known as "MEM Couture.

I fell in love with their collection at the October Philips Fashion Week where they showed us their collection "La Metamorphose." If you like at least a little bit crazy things and like to feel special in a particular outfit, then there's no way you wouldn't adore their collection, especially the new one I mentioned before. Interesting fact about those two handsome guys:  Even though their priority focus has always been fashion design, they work as fashion stylists, costume designers and graphic designers as well. I know, you're probably thinking the very same as I was thinking when I found that out:  "No freaking way"! But it's true, and not to mention they also collaborate with various individuals and societies from the world of media, culture, music, design and economy. Hard to imagine, ha? But what I was extra surprised by and I actually kind of still am is that they were open for new, totally un-known collaboration - with me! I mean, let's be honest here. I'm no Slovenian starlet or someone super famous from media or even fashion world (yet :-) ), so they've made a really good impression by their gesture. I think it's not really necessary to mention how can a small thing for someone mean a whole world for someone else, right? So thank you so much Eric and Matjaž for making my world brighter for one day and making me feel special that day! I'm wearing their design for the last day of Philips Fashion Week and I'm already feeling a bit cocky just imagining what I'm wearing. Oh yes, what I'm a wearing? Stay tuned and you'll find out!

"La Metamorphose" collection
Collection was inspired by their work in the city of love, and ohh French kiss and croissant with café au lait - Paris, France! Since the Eiffel tower was following them everywhere they were playing with its shape. They figured it out that by simply turning the tower upside down the “figure” changes dramatically, so they got "a new figure" as the basic silhouette, geometric shapes in the tower’s steel construction as the key element for geometric patterns and “changes” as the conceptual base of their new womenswear collection. “La Métamorphose”.

Now when you know what has inspired the collection there is just one big question we need to solve. Colours! You've probably noticed that the main colour of the collection is black with a touch of yellow here and there. I couldn't help myself not to ask myself several times...Why? Let me make it easy for you and let me answer this for you (I've found the answer on their website). The time they were working on their collection was also the time of changes in their lives as well. "Changes produce a certain kind of stress. When things do not turn out the way as expected, stress is negative. A colour commonly symbolizing negativism is black" they say on their website. So that's why the black. That actually makes sense, right? And then we still have a chartreuse yellow which represents optimistic hope. Positivity.

 Without some bright hope in hard times...what would we be? Probably just dark shadows of what we used to be. This would probably sound strange, but I'm glad they had those changes. Seems like it's true that every dark moment brings us something good after that. Their dark moment has given us this nothing but amazing collection! Thank you for that!


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