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Since I'm doing a post about my March and April life in Instagram, I should probably say a few words about that, ha? But the thing is that my blog is not just my favourite place to share my fashion view on things but also I place where I can share my thoughts, experience, things I do, things I like and much more so you guys pretty much now about my life in last two months. 

March was pretty calm. Days were starting to be longer and mostly warmer and I was still fighting a bit my depression from London. What can I say - My heart aches for London and I want to come home again. It was also I time I started to figure out things I didn't know I feel. Mostly unknown feelings I though I don't have. And then I just sat there and waited...and waited...and waited. Just waited for something to happened that never happened - and that's kind of sad. Days where getting by and there was almost April and I was still waiting. Every rain was reminding me of - let's say that something, because it's falling hard, and I was too. But then my time arrived and the Philips Fashion Week was just around the corner and I could swear I knew it's bringing me some changes. Good changes. And it was. My life basically turned up and down. First thing that I'm grateful is that I was able to be a part of Philips Fashion Week. Honestly, there are no words how can describe how much I'm enjoying being a part of that. It made me really really happy. And it also opened me new ways and brought me a few new co-operations, and one big which is giving me a chance to do something I wanted my whole life and giving me a chance to be creative as much as I can be. April also brings me quite a few new friendships. I have to mention one of course and that's with Rok Terkaj. I still can't believe how opened, smart and fun to be around is that guy. And thanks for letting me crash there every now and then when I'm too damn lazy to go home. Friendship with him has also brought me to his guys who are also super nice and creative and I really think we got a bond there.  And there is also a big thing that April brought me back some people I let go few months ago. And I'm happy about that too. Sometimes you don't even know how much you actually miss someone until you see them and they wake up those feeling inside you.

But through all that journey which has been sad, depressed, happy, excited  I had my friends always by my side. I'll never forget the night which was really tough and emotional for me. Pardon my language, but I was really fucked up and my friends got together and made me a pizza and brought me Vodka. Two of my favourite things with my favourite people. How could you be sad then? No freaking way! So thanks to my friends who are always by my side and you guys to stick and keeping up with me. Knowing you like what I like and coming back on my blog is making me really, really happy. Now it's your turn, lovelies! How was you March or April? Any sad moments?  Oh, and you can't also follow me on Instagram if you want - @selmaspendl

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