Fashion Week inspiration


Thumbs up, who's excited about Philips Fashion Week?! (me, me, me, me!!!)
I was just looking at the the internet for some inspiration and I found a few "wooow" outfits, shoes, shirts and stuff that would be simply a sin if I kept those pictures just for myself. Seriously. Sometimes when I find something breath-taking or a particular outfit in which I totally see myself I become a bit moody. Why did you lady had to come up with such great outfit before me? Baaah, that's a crime! Anyway I was looking for inspiration from Vogue, Harper Bazar to Tumblr, so I don't own any of this pictures. Unfortunately. 

Besides that I'm super excited about tomorrow's fashion week! I'm so proud to see myself improving from fashion week to fashion week. For example: this year I'm having my own make-up artist for all three days, thanks to lovely and always funny Dalia Divovic, then my own photographer, who's gonna take pictures from runway to chit-chat after the shows for you guys (thanks Blaž Kupeljnik) and then I'm wearing some of our designer dresses for a few shows! Big thanks again to gorgeous Elizabeth Mad. So guys thanks so much, it wouldn't be the same without you all!

Have a nice rest of the weekend and see ya tomorrow with hot news from Philips Fashion Week!

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