Blessed With A Curse


Happy Easter, guys! 
I have so many new things to post today and tomorrow that I can't even wait to show you and tell you  more about  those cool new things! Yeah, I know - I have to have a patience for patience! But let's break a rule a little bit. I'm gonna tell you a bit more about the upcoming Phillips Fashion Week! Omg, I'm so excited that I can't even described how much! I'm like a little kid who's waiting to get a BIG-BIG bag full of yummy candies. Then I also have a few outfit posts,  new cool-edgy clothes brands and much more. So make sure to stay tuned! You won't be sorry, that for sure.

Yesterday I tried just for fun this sexy corset I actually bought for Masquerade and I figure out that it's completely possible to wear it like that. Plus, it looks super hot! Am I right? What do you think? 

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