Philips Fashion Week outfits recap


Just a quick outfits recap from Philips Fashion Week, before I post my favourite "things" seen on runway! 
 First outfit was combination of my clothes (I've made bandage leggings by myself), for the second outfit I was wearing lovely Elizabeth Mad's dress, which I combine with my leather shorts. And then for the last day this edgy princess likes Eric Matyash dress! I definitely had so much fun wearing all three outfits. Every outfit made me feel different - and that's the whole point, isn't it?  And I swear my outfits would never look the same without Dalia Divovic make up. Her make up gave my outfit that final touch and I just adore it! Yes, I liked it, but the question is...did you? Which one is your favourite? Let me know, I'd love to know that, guys.

Now when it's all said and done (I mean with fashion week) I got sick. I was too much under pressure, because I'm working on a few different things in the moment and sleeping just for a few hours per day. But that's fine because this secret project that I'm working with someone we all know very well  is way more important to me right now. I'm so excited about this opportunity, I'm giving me whole to it! Can't wait to share the exciting news with you! How have you been, guys? Is everything well? Just let me know if I have to beat someone:P 

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