Philips Fashion Week


Here we go again. The best time of the year is coming again - Philips Fashion Week!
Just a bit more than a week is left until this big fashion event I'm looking forward more than a kid who's waiting to get a bag full of delicious I said in my previous post, already. I'm not sure what't the deal about me and our fashion week - but it's serious, let me tell you! Every time I'm lucky enough (this is going to be my 3rd FW, hopefully) to be there, it's like being in some magic place. Everything you dream about, everything you breath for, work for, want, need, adore, love...everything is on one place. And you being there is something I can't even describe.

I still remember when I went on my first fashion week and barely tweet "no more fashion week virgin". By "barely" I mean...that feeling when your heart starts beating faster, when you think you're dreaming, when you actually think you're going to cry because you're so damn happy, and there's a strange feeling of pure happiness going to your whole body...and you want to share that feeling with the whole world but you're too much in a trance to do anything.  Ohh, memories.

Anyway this time I'm even more excited because I'm going with my own photographer there, and will wear Slovenian designers' clothes all three days. Who's a photographer and which designers? Stay tuned until fashion week and you'll find out! And after all we can't forget about cool AVI - Agency who's doing nothing but a great job on any event their BIG thanks to them for making us happier with Fashion Week! 

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