Philips Fashion Week day #2 - outfit


I don't even know yet how to describe all the madness that was happening yesterday! 
Sure, we all know Philips Fashion Week season is a crazy a good way! There's of course always some stress sneaking around you somewhere, but that's fine. In my case, stress these days is pretty much positive. It keeps me going and making sure everything is done exactly how it should be! But still...yesterday I almost lost my head and don't laugh at me...but that took me two years of my precious life! Not literary.

In the morning everything seemed pretty normal. Oh, since I'm a bit different let me first explain what I mean by "normal". Clothes were hanging everywhere! In those three days I changed our whole apartment to some kind of a big fitting room/place. You can find clothes hanging in the hall, shoes are everywhere, purses are everywhere, and not to mention my room! I'm not saying it's messy (ok let's be honest, it is a little bit), I just turned out casual apartment into fashion apartment. So first thing that went wrong is that I should give you guys one more post yesterday about the designers we saw on first day, but I just couldn't find time, so I decided to make a recap tomorrow and post just my favourite outfits from all three days. Is that ok?  Then Eric Maj Potočnik and Matjaž Plošinjak came over to my place to make dress fitting for me. I'm in love with this two guys (not in love-love, but you know..."love"). I admire how they always look nothing but fashionable. And they're seriously so nice, such warm and lovely people! After fitting and little chit-chat troubles came into my little paradise I have these days. My Elizabeth Mad dress was locked in my best friend's apartment and he was out of town, so you can imagine a dose of stress I got! I didn't even know until the very last minute if I'm even gonna get it, which is also a reason why I attended only the last part of fashion shows, yesterday. The time I should already be at my gorgeous make up artist Dalia Divovic place (I could never could thank you enough for being there for me these days! She's not only doing my make up, she's helping me with my hair, she drove me to the fashion week last night, because everything was so last minute, made me a coffee which totally brings me back to life and so much honestly...THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!), I was on my way to get my dress. Madness! But in the end all has ended up well, luckily. Well, more than well. I had a little meeting after the fashion shows with two famous Slovenians and we're starting a big project together. What and with whom...let's make it a secret, but you'll find out soon enough!

As I mentioned I was wearing Elizabeth Mad design for the second day of the Philips Fashion Week. She also has so many gorgeous things that was quite hard to decide for just one dress. But in the end I chose something  more simple, but still a bit edgy. I love how you think at first I'm wearing a dress, a beautiful dress and then when I turn around you get a little shock. No dress anymore. And the back of the dress is stunning, isn't it? I'll give you guys soon a sneak peek into her collection, so make sure to stay tuned! If I look back now to the last night or actually the whole day even though everything seemed so messed up in the end I can't find no better world to describe this but this one: blessed! I was really blessed.

All pictures has been taken by talented young photographer Blaž Kupljenik.

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