Hello darkness, my old friend


I've seen this dress first on Elizabeth Mad FB and I fell immediately in love with it! Seriously guys, how absolutely gorgeous is this dress! I believe this is the craziest dress I've ever seen! So damn cool. Can't get over it!!!

Me and our young Slovenia designer known as ELIZABETH MAD were actually discussing about my dress for the second day of Philips Fashion Week (now you know I'm wearing her design for one day!), and I really wanted to have this amazing dress, but unfortunately there's still a few things to fix, so I had to choose another dress, but I couldn't let this one just go...so we agreed to at least shoot this one. And I did. Once she fixes this dress I'm definitely buying it. It's one of those dresses you just fall in love at the first sight, and when you wear it later you feel so comfy, so you. Like you have some super power. So, I'm completely amazed by this dress and most of other Elizabeth's designs. You should check her out, that's for sure. I'm going to post soon more about her and her designs so don't miss it...stay tuned, guys!

BIG thanks to Elizabeth and her positive energy, for being nothing but opened for new cooperation and letting me use her dress for a shooting!


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