I put the fun in dysfunctional


Here I am again...wearing  Elizabeth Mad design!
I couldn't resist wearing this cool blazer from her new collection we saw on Philips Fashion Week. At the first sight it maybe even looks hard to wear, right? In that case - look and think again! You can actually wear this lovely, but still edgy blazer whenever and however you want. Somewhere fancy, school, street (like me) or just as something between all this - and that's exactly why I like it so much! Well, and because of the patterns. It all about how you combine it.  Put the fun in dysfunctional, let your imagination do that part and voilà! 

Yesterday was such a beautiful and mostly sunny day in the city again. Wait, did I mention sunny? When it's sunny and pretty warm outside I can't help myself but go out and just enjoy the day! Since I'm working really hard last week I'm unfortunately staying inside in front of my computer with a big cup of coffee (thanks Kaldi who discovered coffee while searching for his goats! You saved my life, man!) in front of me and a sad look through the window with my mind on Coachella festival, which has started three days ago! Can you imagine being there, wearing something totally hipster, sitting on a grass in a good company, sipping your drink and later enjoying in the concerts (ha, that actually sounds totally like our days and nights back in Trnfest festival time)? Speaking about concerts....guess who's having one today? Red Hot Chili Peppers! Life really isn't fair sometimes, ha? But than again if you look from the other side - you can't have it all, right? Anyway, in an hour I'm working as a stylist on a photo-shooting, so I'll have a busy day again. I keep talking about being busy like it's a bad thing but the truth is - I really like it that way. And I'm more than grateful for any opportunity I get. If you want to keep up with me lovelies, you can also follow me on Instagram - @selmaspendl. I wish you all an amazing sunny Sunday:)

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