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I realized I never really posted my interview for Cosmopolitan Slovenia. This is actually November 2012 issue, but since I have my press lebel on blog and I haven't show you this we go now! 

I still remember the day when lovely girl Manca - from Cosmopolitan contacted me on FB if I would be interested in having an interview from them as one of five Slovenian bloggers. I probably don't have to mention how excited I was, right? First thought was "they finally noticed me" and I'm having my very first interview for not just some magazine, but one of my favourite Slovenian magazines. Hey, you can't blame me for that...I'm a girl! Of course I'm a fan of Cosmopolitan and their useful tricks (guys be careful, we know everything)! If I go back, on the day when interview came out my parents bought me not one or two issues but five or six issues! It was my day that day! I still have one issue at home, and my part - my interview in a frame on the wall in my room. Proud as hell! If you missed my interview but you'd maybe still love to see it you can take a peek at Cosmopolitan

Speaking about interviews and "wannabe famous" things I'd really like to thank you, guys. Without you supporting me, reading me daily, commenting my posts, following my steps on my FB page, Twitter or Instagram, my blog wouldn't even exist! So I'm really grateful for you guys keeping up with me. We should make one big party in the summer and hang together. That could be crazy...wouldn't be? Think about it! I'm so for it! 

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