Philips Fashion Week day #3 - outfit


Lost your breath? I know, I was there too.
Actually I'm still breathless every time I see this picture. No, wait...scratch that! I'm breathless every time I see this dress, not the picture. But I also look quite "wow" in this dress, right? 

I was so happy that I had a chance to wear this Eric Matyash dress for one night, because until last night I didn't know you can really feel like a princess in a particular dress. And since you all know very well by know I'm all about edgy stuff, I felt like my version of princess - Edgy Princess! And I don't mean by "princess" when you put on some cute dress and you're like "ooh, I look like princess". No. I didn't know this feeling before. It's the dress, it gives you something more - power, confidence, happiness, that special look, worshiped and much more. I'd love to tell you guys how it feels, but it's so magic that there are no words to explain that. I've put this dress on and I felt like a completely different person, like I can do anything I want! Oh, gosh...I really fell in love with this dress, ha?  Last night when I got back home I was standing in front of a mirror for maybe 10 minutes watching myself in this dress, because I didn't want to sit down in it and I didn't want to take it off yet. Well, and because it was great seeing myself looking that good, of course. It even crossed my mind that I could sleep in it (luckily I have big bed), so I could wear it a bit more. For safety reasons I unfortunately abandoned the idea! Eric Maj Potočnik & Matjaž Plošinjak thanks so much again for making me a princess for night. There are no words to thank you enough.

Best for the last, or how do they say? I feel so bummer it's already over  Philips Fashion Week. After all, I was living my dreams those three days. And last night was super fun. I'm a bit disappointed about designers this year, because there was no single dress that would blow me away. Don't get me wrong, they all did a great job and it's obvious they worked hard for their collection, but honestly...there was no surplus. But I loved organization this year. Avi agency did a really good job. Everything went smooth and I think everyone was pretty much happy about this year organization. I also gave quite a few statements to the press and was published on many websites (Elle,  Žurnal 24, Slovenske Novice, Mediaspeed, etc - I'll post links later) and I'm really happy that I was noticed. Thanks to my team - Dalia Divovic , my make up artist who was making me beautiful from day to day even through she got sick (outfits would never look the same without your make up, darling) and Blaž Kupljenik for taking a photos of me and the fashion show. He's such a talent! Not that I'm saying this because he was nice and worked for me, but honestly he took better pictures than some "pro" photographers who work for big media houses. And big thanks to Avi agency for having me, again. You made my dream come true.

Bloggers stick together! With beautiful Tereza Poljanič from Teresamisu 

With always lovely Ajda Sitar - miss sport 2009, model and also a blogger.

With Eva Ana Kazič, from All Around Eve

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