Philips Fashion Week day #1 - outfit


3...2...1....and it starting! Say hello to Philips Fashion Week.
Sitting (no, I have seriously no idea what's going on with me lately, guess I was just a lucky chick one more time) in a front row, counting last seconds to the beginning, sipping Jana water (not because I was thirsty, but the bottle looked so cute that I had to, haha) and quite nervously waiting for the first designer to represent. "C'moon, show us what you got, this year" was my thought just a few seconds before the first model stepped on the runway in Miro Mišljen design. Interesting how everyone were mostly on the phon for the whole show, trying to give you guys fresh, hot news. I also tried to tweet something in my style for a few times but I was just too much with my head in the clouds, and with my heart somewhere on the runway, so I was kind of hypnotized...blame it on that! But I promise you guys, I'll tweet and post more pictures tonight and tomorrow.

Last night was the only night I put my outfit together by myself. Today I'm wearing Elizabeth Mad dress and for the last day Eric Matyash dress. They were super nice to put together an outfit for me, but more about that on Wednesday. I lost my track again, let me go back:  As you can see I was going with a rock vibe this time. Shocking, isn't it? There are no words to thank my lovely make up artist Dalia Divovic, who is also collaborating with me for this occasion. I had quite a few make up artists already, but she is a talent hard to find. She seriously amazing! I've just told her a bit about my outfit (she didn't even see it) and she knew what she had to do. I'm totally amazed! Beside that, I also had a talented young photographer Blaž Kupeljnik, who's the reason I can show you guys all these pictures you're going to see in those few days. So grateful for such an amazing and nice team! In fact so much, that I'm from time to time scared a little bit that I'm just dreaming all this is happening to me and it would all just fade away. Fingers crossed it won't!

Anyway, more thoughts about the whole fashion show last night and designs we were able to see...oh, and pictures, of course...soon! Keep it up with me.

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