Like a fairy


You wouldn't believe what was my inspiration for this outfit. Ok, fine...I'll tell you guys if you insist so much! It was John Lennon, well actually it was his song "Imagine". My whole Saturday morning has that hippy vibe and seeing Yoko Ono in his video just gave me an inspiration for this outfit. Seeing her looking all innocent in a long white dress with a headband in her hair made me feel wanting to be that pure, innocent. 

I'm far away from being pure. We could say I'm a total opposite from that. It's not that I want or try to be a badass person, that's just the way I am. And once you accept yourself just the way you are, I swear on Marc Jacobs (there's no stronger oath) you feel much better and mostly more satisfied with yourself. And I love being myself, but it's fun feeling all innocent for a day even though inside you could easily punch someone in the face if that was necessary. You're probably wondering now if I've ever punched someone in the face, right? No, I haven't and hopefully I never had to because that's pretty primitive! But...I have slaped someone who annoyed me too freaking much, so sure as hell I can surprise you! Well it's pretty possible that if I'm ever faced in a fight I'd probably punch someone, but then run like a gazelle far away from there. I like bad stuff, but bad until you're not hurting someone or destroying things. After all, you have absolutely no right to hurt someone without no reason. I was in a position where some did something bad to me many times, and I was all about "bitch I'm going to ruin your life", but then you grow up or I don't know, maybe just realize that in that case you're even worse than that person. So now, I just say what I think and let the karma do the rest - it's more bitchy than me, anyway. 

Isn't it funny how just an outfit can make you feel different? I always thought it's all about clothes, you know...dress. But I was wrong. Sometimes it's not even the dress, it's just that small accessory that gives an outfit completely new look! Like in my case: I could wear this cute white dress, but then again I could have different shoes and it would look completely different. And not to mention this flower crown me best friend Simon made my last summer. Btw guys, do you remember those shoes? They're so easy to wear, If you have chance you should definitely get your own pair! Don't forget to use POSH13 code and get 13% off!

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