Pursuit of happiness


Sorry dolls, I've been away for a while - I know. But since there was going ( still going on) so much in my life and there was Philips Fashion Week and working on that secret project and then the rest of the normal things I have to do, seems like it was a bit too much stressed for me so I got sick! Shame on me! It sounds like I'm such a weak person haha. I'm really not. And when I got well I really needed to study a bit so my blog was on stand by....but hey, I'm back now and totally ready to rock this again! 

How freaking awesome is having back those warm and sunny days? I feel much happier with no reason now when I can wake up to a beautiful sunny day and hang with my guys in the streets and parks! Yes, we could say I'm in a pursuit of happiness and I'm enjoying every moment of it. I just wish I could spend more time outside, doing silly things in a good company while I'm working inside in front of my computer. But it's fine, I'm also enjoying every minute of working on this project and I wouldn't change that for nothing. Beside that I'm just loving my life right now. I'm having one of those moments when everything in your life is pretty much like it should be. And I'm so grateful that I had a chance to meet some amazing new people who are so creative that just being surrounded by them makes me creative and wanting do to something from my life. They're seriously such an inspiration for me. Watching them working pretty much all day with a big smile on their face and loving every second of it, makes you wanting to be like them. And when we work together it's always super fun. It's actually like we are hanging out/chilling, it's always music in the back, we're doing our thing but we constantly do what we have to do, talking with each others in hope to come up with some good idea, having spontaneous brain stormings, and if we end up with work in morning hours we crash on the couch and sleep there. So, I'm definitely in a good place, right now. I just can't help my self and change my working habits. I don't know why is that but honestly I'm working much easier in the night time ( from midnight on...), and to be honest, I also like it much more that way. Working that late and sleeping mostly for 4-5 hours a day made me need coffee only on days that end with a letter "Y". But I like coffee so that's completely fine by me, too.

       How are you guys? Enjoying the spring finally? 

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